Founded in 2018 by Chris Wadsworth, ARogue Story Productions aims to provide an affordable solution to artists looking for high quality professional audio production and engineering services. ARogue Story Productions is located in West Seattle and serves the greater Seattle area for in-person projects, as well as offering remote editing and mixing services for projects recorded anywhere on the planet. From pre-production to physically recording material to nailing the mix that puts a smile on your face, ARogue Story Productions has you covered.  
ARogue Story Productions operates on an hourly rate. This helps to keep things fair for both the artists and ourselves. Due to the varied nature of individual projects and the different services we offer it's impossible to provide a final quote up front. Please contact us via email or message us on Instagram to discuss your project and we will provide an estimate. We will then work together to stay on-budget throughout your project.

"I recorded with ARogue Story productions on two of my albums, and worked as a studio vocalist for a handful of others. Chris is patient to listen to artists' vision and is passionate about getting the desired results, whatever the style! He is thorough in getting results and has no ego in the creative process which makes for a smooth and fruitful working environment. I am very proud of our records and look forward to more!"

Emily McVicker - @emilymcvickermusic,@facesbymcvick

"Self-Titled" EP
[production, recording, mixing, mastering]

"Coffee and Ukes" LP
[mixing, mastering]

"Working with Chris at ARogue Story Productions in West Seattle is exactly what you want as an artist and nothing you don't. Chris is exceedingly knowledgeable about his equipment and practices as an engineer and producer. While he's happy to share his opinions and options you may not be aware of during your sessions, he's perfectly content to really listen to and execute an artist's vision and preferences, and somehow he makes it all sound great! I'm happy to highly recommend Chris and his services."

Sean Fairchild - @seanonbass

"Juggernaut" Single by Combinator
[drum recording]

"Eargoggle Fodder" LP by Combinator
[drum recording, production assistance]


"We were able to fit a 5 piece band safely into Chris’ beautiful studio to make a live video. Chris is a breeze to work with and I even learned a few things about music production throughout my time with him."

Marina Christopher - @marinaplaysbass, @marinaandthedreamboats

"Marina and The Dreamboats Live" EP
[recording, mixing, mastering]

"Coffee and Ukes" LP
[mixing, mastering]

"Working at A Rogue Story studios was my first musical project where I ventured outside of working with a personal friend and I think I made a great choice. Chris was a fantastic and highly knowledgeable producer to work with."

Emmett Fifield / Hobo Films - @hobo_films

"Crystal Clear" Film Score
[drummer, recording, mixing, mastering]


"Working with Chris and ARogue Story Productions propelled my creative concept to a new level. The collaborative process evoked fresh inspiration and captured optimal sounds."

Kevin Moe -

Candle" Single by Mondo Moe
[production, drummer, percussionist, bassist, recording, mixing, mastering]

"ARogue Story Productions has exceeded every expectation I have in the recording world. Chris is a very talented audio engineer and I have been very lucky to work with him. He is always speedy and productive, and can help your project or song become exactly what you want it to. 10/10."

Jesse Lang -, @thegetupstagram

"Around You" Single by The Getup
[co-producer, bassist, recording, mixing, mastering]

"To The Moon" LP by The Getup
[co-producer, bassist, percussionist, recording, mixing, mastering]